1,000 ton Heim press   (Left) Burns personnel work toward completion of the installation of a 1,000 ton Heim press. BMMI's responsibility included installing the coil feed line along with the press.
(Right) For the installation of this Komatsu 300 ton press, BMMI uses a 50 ton Riggers Special to set the 40,000 lb. crown.   Komatsu 300 ton press

220,00 lb press crown

  (Left) Burns' field employees skillfully utilize a 350 ton gantry system to set this 220,000lb. press crown into position. the total weight of this 1,000 ton Clearing Niagara transfer press is 675,000 lbs. In addition to installing the press, BMMI installed the coil feed line, 140' of scrap conveyor and the steel decking around the press.


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